President Khatami meets KDP leader

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TEHRAN, 26 / 09 / 2004 — Tehran Times Political Desk TEHRAN ( MNA ) -- President Mohammad Khatami held talks on Saturday with Kurdistan Democratic Party ( KDP ) leader Masoud Barzani to discus Tehran-Baghdad relations.

At the meeting, President Khatami said that the Iraqi people have the right to experience social progress and to live in peace and security and called for the exchange of views between officials from the two countries on the cause of peace and stability.

Khatami expressed hope that with the withdrawal of foreign troops, national sovereignty would be established in Iraq.

He stressed the need for all political parties representing different ethnic groups to foster unity and to avoid divisiveness.

"We stood by you in the hard times ( under Saddam ) and we will help you establish peace and security and social progress," Khatami said.

"Insecurity in Iraq would have a negative impact on Iran-Iraq relations," he added.

Iran is concerned about the lack of peace and security in Iraq and believes that efforts should be made to normalize the situation in Iraq and to hold democratic elections as soon as possible, he said.

All Iraqi people, Shia and Sunni, should make efforts to establish peace and security and to contribute to the administration of the country, he noted.

President Khatami said that the presence of foreign troops is inciting terrorist acts, adding that Iran respects the logical stance of Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani and his significant role in establishing peace and security in the country.

The president observed that holding elections would play a decisive role in establishing democracy, law, and order in Iraq.

President Khatami also called for the expansion of economic and commercial relations between the two countries.

For his part, Barzani expressed his appreciation for Iran's contribution to the cause of peace and security in Iraq and said that all Iraqi officials are interested in developing good neighborly relations with Iran.

"Regional states should live together due to their common culture and history and also work together to usher in progress and development," he added.

Barzani emphasized the need for national solidarity among the different Iraqi ethnic groups and said that the occupation will come to an end and the Kurds and the Shia Muslims will work together to establish prosperity and to build a new Iraq, with respect for its territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

The KDP leader also called for the expansion of commercial relations between the two countries and asked Iran to participate in the process of Iraqi social development and progress.

Source: Tehran Times

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