To The Estonian Deparment of Justice

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Dear Sirs

Hemo Amedsson is a Swedish citizen since 1981. He is originally a Kurd from Turkey, but Swedish citizen since twenty years. Now he is arrested and kept in Estonian custody. The Estonian authorities have already decided to hand him over to Turkey.
Amedsson was a human rights activist and participated in the struggle for cultural and national rights of Kurdish people untill 1980 when the Turkish junta took the power in the country.

The 12th September 1980 the Turkish military took the power in a coup d'etat and arrested all parlamentarians, as well as the prime minister Suleyman Demirel and the leader of the socialdemocratic party CHP, Bulent Ecevit. The union activists and leaders for other democratic institutions were arrested, too. The whole society were in chaos.

Amedsson and his Kurdish intellectuel friends fleed to Syria. The Turkish military followed after them and massacred 15 people; intellectuels, politicians, men, women and children the 13th December 1980 in the town of Qamishly. Amedsson survived with 13 bullets and nearly shrapnels in his body and become the only eye-witness to the horrible massacre.

Sweden gave him sanctuary year 1981. Turkey has, under the years, several times demanded Sweden to send him to Turkey, but Sweden has not givit up.

Hemo Heybet Amedsson

21th November 1989 decided chief prosecutor K.G. Svensson to close the preliminary investigations in the criminal offenses that Amedsson, according to the Turkish state, was accused for. Turkey could not produce evidence against him, so the case was closed. Now he is facing the same accusations in Estonia. How many times he should be tried for same charges?

Amedsson is now arrested in Estonia. Turkey are accusing him again with those well-known accusations. The Turks are negotiating with the Estonian police in Tartu to hand him over to Turkey. The Turkish accusations are from the 1980:s military junta epoc. Why has there been so little done about the massacre? Isn’t it obvious that Turkey want to eliminate the only living eye-witness from the massacre in Qamishlo? Turkey wants to keep Amedsson quiet.

The press secretary of the Swedish Department for Foreign Affairs, Jan Janonius, has told the News Agency TT that there is a risk that Amedsson will be handed over to Turkey because he is “suspected for a crime in Turkey during the year 1981”. Amedsson was 17 years old and either in hospital or in custody of Syrian authorities during that time.

Kurds in Sweden are sad and troubled and demand that Sweden wont cooperate with a totalitary regime as Turkey. The Kurds fear that the Turkish state will demand several similar persons with similar accusations to be handed over to Turkey. The Swedish Departemant for Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Embassy in Tallin has not clearly reacted and has not taken stand as they did before about bringing their citizen home.

We demand that Estonia, as a member of EU, respects the basic human rights and the right of asylum and lets Amedsson return to his homeland Sweden.

Best regards

Kindly see The Petition List For Hemo Heybet Amedsson:

Your Sincerely

Hemo Heybet Amedssons Friends in Whole The World


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