Kurdish weekly[Jemawer]: Kurdish language is banned in the Iraqi Ministry

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10 . 08. 2004 - A communiquť was distributed in the Iraqi Ministry of Defence, banning the use of Kurdish language in all departments and among all the personnel of the ministry, reported by the Kurdistan-based Kurdish weekly Jamawar on Monday.

"[The communiquť] stated that the Kurdish language is not a national language, and must not be used in any establishment of the Ministry," The paper stated.

The instruction was sent to Kurdistan, and got away without any challenge by the Kurdish administration.

"No Kurd from those who work in the Ministry has challenged the instruction," the paper added.

The Iraqi Administration Law, which was dumped by the UN Security Council Resolution 1546, recognises the Kurdish language as one of the two national languages of the state of Iraq.

Note: Reports are published based on respect for freedom of opinion's expression, they do not necessarily reflect views of Kurdistan Democratic Party.

Source: Kurdish Media

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