The Iraqi Minister: Arab settlers are not leaving the Kurdish Kirkuk

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01. 08. 2004 - In an interview, the Iraqi minister of immigration and nationality said that Arab settlers are not moving out of the Kurdish city of Kirkuk. The minister Pascal Warde Eysho was interview by the London-based Arab-daily Sharq Al-Awsat on 31 July 2004.

The minister said that returning Arab settlers to their homes is against the law and is unacceptable. But he did not say which law. He added that all Iraqis are free where they want to live. "In the same way that Kurds can live in Baghdad, Arabs can live Kirkuk."

He totally dismissed the Arabisation of Kirkuk.

The Iraqi Minister’s statement is a direct challenge to the Kurdish administration promise that given to the displace Kurds from Kirkuk to be returned back to their homes.

There is currently no plan to return the Kurds back to Kirkuk and de-Arabise it. The Minister only echoed his boss’s ideas. The Iraqi President, during his recent visit to Kirkuk, said that the phrase "Arab settlers" must not be used.

Most importantly Arabisation is not counted as one of the crimes of Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi president. Saddam or any one in his regime has not been charged with Arabisation crimes.

Source: Kurdish Media

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