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By Simon Donohue

14. 05. 2004
- IT may sound like mission impossible, but a Manchester company has been charged with promoting the benefits of doing business in Iraq.

Ardwick-based Photolink Creative Group has been given a brief to help forge commercial links between the stable Northern Iraq region of Kurdistan and the worldwide business community.

The contract sees the company serving as the official media partner of the Kurdistan Development Corporation, a body which is 50 per cent owned by the Kurdistan regional government.

Photolink won the contract partly because of their work with government bodies in the north west, where they have already handled public affairs work for Lancashire county and Pendle councils.

Their work came to the attention of the Department for Trade and Industry, which is aiding the KDC in its efforts.

It comes as the Iraqi region prepares to seek foreign investment in Kurdish areas following the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

A key part of Photolink’s remit is to build the political profile of KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani.

Next month, the prime minister will open Iraqi-Kurdistan Trade in London, a KDC and UK Trade & Invest (UKTI) forum on immediate business opportunities in the stable region of Northern Iraq.

The one-day event, on June 4, will give western businesses and entrepreneurs an insight into opportunities in the region’s dynamic and opening markets. With offices in London and Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Development Corporation is a public-private partnership established to enable the KRG to accelerate the rebuilding of infrastructure and commercial enterprise in Iraqi- Kurdistan.

Photolink chairman David Walter said: "In our estimation, the business opportunity in Kurdistan is in many ways more attractive than China was in the early 1990s.

"What is needed are astute investors who can see an opportunity in its infancy and who can move quickly to take advantage of it before others do."

Note: Reports are published based on respect for freedom of opinion's expression, they do not necessarily reflect views of Kurdistan Democratic Party.

Source: Manchester Online

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